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Cham Islands

The Cham Islands constitute a group of 8 small islands of Quảng Nam, which form a part of the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park, a world Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO, in the South East Asia Sea in Vietnam.The islands are approachable from Cửa Đại beach. The islands are also recognized as Vietnam’s national scenic site.

“It was fantastic going on to see the views – I loved going fast!”

Sea-trek Viet Nam

SeaTrek VietNam implements the service in Cham Islands: “WALKING UNDERWATER” in which you can experience the wonders of many fish species setting against the beautiful luscious colorful corals.
+ This is an activity for those who cannot swim or dive, those who do not want to be in the cramped diving suit, but want to experiment with the discovery of the ocean and all its wonders, want to get their hands to beautiful creatures in the sea, would manually feeding while you are on the seabed.

“Discover the ocean by Walking!”

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